Application form for admission to Dakar Science Po

Academic year 2022/2023
Please complete the form below.

Documents required :
1. This completed form;
2. A photocopy certified true to the original (by the town hall or the police station) of the
diplomas obtained including the BAC;
3. Three (03) recent photos (identity format) with your name and program on the back;
4. A civil status document (national identity card or birth certificate) certified in accordance with
the original (by the town hall or the police station);
5. The marks of the 1st and 2nd year, for the candidates for the 3rd year License.
6. Transcripts for the three years of bachelor’s degree for applicants to the Master’s program.
➢ Application fees: 10,000 FCFA by Orange Money Dakar Science Po, Tel. 00221 77.762.23.01
7. Insurance: All students/listeners must register for insurance
8. electronic filing of documents can be done via our email address:

I hereby certify that the above information is correct. I acknowledge that by providing
inaccurate information, I make myself liable to immediate dismissal, in case I am admitted.