Admission Dakar Science Po

Please fill out the form below.

Admission Dakar Science Po year 2020/2021

Documents required :
1. This form duly completed;
2. A certified photocopy of the original (by the town hall or the police station) of
diplomas obtained including the BAC;
3. Three (03) recent photos (identity format) bearing your name and program on the back;
4. A civil status document (national identity card or birth certificate) certified in accordance with
the original (by the town hall or the police station);
5. The grades for the 1st and 2nd year, for candidates for the 3rd year License.
6. Transcripts for the three years of the license for candidates for the Master’s program.
➢ Application fees: 10,000 FCFA by Orange Money Dakar Science Po, Tel. 00221 77.762.23.01
7. Insurance: All students / auditors must register for insurance
8. Electronic filing of documents can be done via our email address:

I certify on my honor that the above information is correct. I acknowledge that by providing
inaccurate information, I make myself liable for immediate dismissal, in case I am admitted.