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The Language and Communication programme is taught in different languages in order to promote multilingualism among our students. The courses offered at Dakar Science Po offer students and young professionals the opportunity to learn a new language in order to facilitate contact with the outside world at the end of the course.

Through the learning of new communication techniques and languages, we train students ready to face the world and its complexity and able to carry out their missions to the best of their ability.


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If you are a professional who wants to progress in communication and language, or in a planning or development role, this is the best diploma for you.

Personal development
Team spirit


Why choose Dakar Science Po?

Because quality education is an essential requirement in the light of developments in the modern world, Dakar Science Po is an institution that aims to be a centre of excellence for political studies in Senegal and Africa. It is a school that was born on the basis of one observation: West Africa needs experienced researchers and informed political analysts.

Consequently, Dakar Science Po is an entity that aims to bring together all those who are passionate about political studies around a single objective: the construction of high-quality African expertise. Opting for Dakar Science Po means focusing on quality education that is open to the world. In addition to providing its students with maximum academic opportunities, the institution also facilitates their integration into the professional world.

Développement personnel

At Dakar Science Po, we do not only train African expertise capable of taking into account the continent’s challenges. We are also an elite with a positive attitude and interpersonal skills. To do this, we rely on the applicant’s ability to follow political studies and on their analytical skills in our selection process.

Entering Dakar Science Po is not only a privilege, but also an opportunity to discover one’ s talent and personality. We provide each student with the educational tools necessary for their academic development and a faculty that is attentive to their well-being.

Team spirit

Being a student at Dakar Science Po is not only limited to demonstrating good analytical skills and ability to adapt to change. It is also a state of mind based on positiveness and community life. We are a school that welcomes students from different cultures and social backgrounds. Conviviality and living together are values that we wish to promote on a daily basis.

To this end, we offer you a framework conducive to reflection and all the facilities for quality training. In a globalized world, we also cultivate team spirit, sharing and openness to external realities in each of our teaching modules. Entering Dakar Science Po is like plunging into a world where difference is used as a pretext to meet and exchange.


Our community building platform will allow all students to meet and exchange on a variety of topics. We are pleased to announce the upcoming establishment of a real meeting place between current and former students of Dakar Science Po for the popularization of political studies in Senegal and Africa.

Our ambition to become a reference in political studies in West Africa encourages us to build this community and create a common history. Become a member of a caring and growing community.