Master 1 Political Science

This Professional Master’s program is intended for professionals or students holding a Bac +3 or 4, who wish to acquire knowledge on Political Science.


Semester 1

1. Two mandatory subjects with tutorial classes

     • Methods of political science
     • Sociology of decision

2. Public action and international migration 3. 1 Subject matter:

• Culture in public policies
• Security issues in Africa, Europe, and the world.
• State Reform and New Public Management

4. Comparative political institutions 5. International political sociology

Semester 2

1. Two Compulsory Subjects with TD
2. History of Political Ideas from Antiquity to the Present
3. Political Communication
4. English
5. Research
6. Subject Matter
7. Internship and Internship Report
8. Brief
9. Two Written and Two Oral Studies (Required to Choose from Non-TD Materials)