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Our Campus

Our Campus

The Dakar Science Po Campus is located in a quiet environment conducive to university research. It is home to a multicultural student community, united and driven by the same passion: political studies. The Campus also offers a modern and friendly environment for students attending the institution, not far from the city centre and major highways to travel in Dakar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the tour take?

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Is there any parking nearby?

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Can I leave my bags or luggage at meeting point?

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Will the tour be cancelled due to weather?

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Campus Tour Time

We are opn on Monday – Friday at 11am and 3pm, except on holidays.

Dakar Science PoAdmissions Center

ISPoEI, Résidence du CEDS
N°6, Route de Ouakam, Dakar


Phone : +221 33 860 55 55
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