The Pan-African School of Political Science

Our expertises


1. Public policies, international relations and diplomacy

2. International relations, protocol, and principles of diplomacy

3. Political governance and public administration

4. Territorial governance and local public policies regulation

5. International economic governance and development

6. International economic and trade governance

7. International multilateral organisation

8. Non-governmental organisation and civil society

9. Public / private partnership and development

10. Digital transformation and the digital economy governance

11. Protection and security of the information systems management

12. Economic intelligence and strategic monitoring

13. Economic diplomacy and business diplomacy

14. Political governance of the water and environment sectors

15. Political governance of agriculture, fisheries and livestock

16. Political governance of mines and extractive industries

17. Security, and national defense strategy

18. Politics and management of religious associations and confrerical organisations

19. Press, information, journalism

20. Marketing, communication and political governance


1. Management of public administrations and institutions

2. Defense policy in cyberwar and cybersecurity

3. Strategy of influence, against influence, and management of digitalized media

4. Strategic management of gas, oil and renewable energy policies

5. International relations, protocol, practices and principles of diplomacy

6. Peace management, crisis prevention, mediation and resolution of conflict

7. Management of international multilateral organisation of associations

8. Management and regulation of the private security sector

9. Management of humanitarian organisations