In order to allow everyone to enter Science Po Dakar and succeed in their studies, scholarships are available to cover the study costs of some students. For their award, several criteria are taken into account, including excellence or social criteria. These scholarships are offered in partnership with public or private organizations.

Origin of scholarships

Dakar Science Po scholarships

NGO Grant Programs

State scholarships


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Guidance and advice

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Testimony of a fellow

“The political world has become an area that I master today and all his experiences have been acquired at Dakar Science Po”

Contact for scholarships

We are open Monday to Friday, except holidays.

ISPoEI, Résidence du CEDS
N°6, Route de Ouakam, Dakar

Phone : 30 104 45 45 – 33 860 55 55, Cell : +221 77 173 23 54 – 77 541 58 91
Email : –

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