Short-term Training

Top Management

  1. Strategic planning and results-based management
  2. Transversal management 
  3. The leader of transversal management
  4. Information and knowledge management
  5. Criminal risk management of the company

Economic Intelligence

  1. Economic Intelligence and Territorial Science: Decentralization and Territorialization
  2. Economic Intelligence and Technology Watch
  3. Reasoning method in economic intelligence strategy
  4. Economic intelligence and management of information systems
  5. Strategic intelligence and advanced information search on the internet
  6. Protection and defense of information heritage and knowledge
  7. Principles of Mail Administration, Management and Exploitation
  8. Economic Intelligence and Competitive, Legal and Commercial Intelligence

Diplomacy, International Relations

  1. Protocol, principles and diplomatic practices
  2. Management of diplomatic missions
  3. Training and development of the staff of diplomatic missions and international organizations
  4. Development cooperation and donor procedures
  5. International negotiation techniques
  6. International affairs and search for international partners
  7. International Arbitration Certificate
  8. Certificate of International Risk Management

Digital Economy and Security System

  1. Security of telecommunications systems
  2. Communication of influence and counter-influence
  3. Strategic intelligence and advanced information search on the internet
  4. Protection and defense of the information heritage and knowledge
  5. Anti-money laundering certificate
  6. Anti-corruption certificate
  7. Certificate of Advanced Training on Intelligence and Security
  8. Security and Security Port and Airport