Third Year of Licence

Semester 1

1. Epistemology of the Social Sciences
2. History of Modern Political Ideas from the Enlightenment Renaissance
3. Sociology of Decision
4. Contemporary Strategic Issues
5. Sociology of International Relations
6. Living Language: English Legal
7. Living Language: Arabic or Mandarin (choice of either)
8. Finances and Political Corruption
9. Europe, Africa, America, and Asia
10. Associative or Entrepreneurial Project
11. Sociology
12. History of Social Sciences
13. Process and Research Internship Support

Semester 2

1. Comparative Sociology of Political Institu- tions
2. Sociology of Political Parties
3. Theory of State
4. Construction of the European Union and the African Union: Theory and Process
5. Gender Study
6. Living Language: English of the Law and Business
7. Living language: Arabic or Mandarin (choice of either)
8. Europe, Africa, America, and Asia
9. Associative Project
10. Sociology