Dakar Science Po

Eligible Candidates

At Dakar Science Po, we welcome young graduates and executives from public and private administration and non-governmental organizations who wish to broaden their knowledge in political and international studies. Our curriculum is then open to all qualified profiles with a strong interest in political studies.


First Year Of Licence

Second Year Of Licence

Third Year Of Licence

Master 1

Master 2

Certifying Continuing Education

The number of places available is deliberately limited in order to offer quality training to all auditors. Consequently, each application is studied by the school’s Scientific Council and the best profiles are accepted.

  • For candidates with a high school diploma (BAC), the course lasts three years after the entrance exam to Dakar Science Po.
  • For candidates with a BAC +2 (BTS, DUT, Preparatory Class, etc.), it is possible to go directly to the third year after a selective test.